The most popular, fun and feature-rich web browser for Windows Phone!


“ won the browser-wars” -

One of the “Best 10 Windows Phone 7 apps you need in your life” -

“Fantastic… the interface destroys the stock web browser!” -

 “…showing it to all my buddies who have iPhones, Android phones, or Palm phones. They sometimes think about getting the phone just because of this browser. It is revolutionary.”


*** Version 4 is for Mango phones only ***


SurfCube has an award winning 3D interface that is a joy to use - but it is not just about the looks, it is also a feature rich browser (“FUNctional” as one of our users put it):


- The best tab support on WP7

- Portal reading mode: any page can be set to open links in new or background tabs by default

- Full HTML5 compatibility

- Share a page via email, Twitter, Facebook, Windows Live and LinkedIn

- Supports landscape and portrait orientation

- Orientation lock

- Pin pages to start menu

- Desktop Mode

- Search

- Private mode for when you want to buy gifts for your spouse :)

- Can run under the lock screen so returning after being powered off is instantaneous

- History and favorites to help finding that website again

- Bandwidth saver mode - for sites that don't have a mobile mode. Even images can be turned off for a truly fast and low cost browsing!

- Save Images to your phone

- YouTube video playback (to remove ad, buy the full version)

- Pin sites to start menu

- Many more features are coming soon!

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